How to Add a New User Account to Google Workspace

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

What are Google Workspace users

  • Users are Google accounts you add and manage as a Google Workspace admin. 
  • Each user account has a primary email address and a password for logging in to Google services.
  • By default, all user accounts have access to the Google Workspace services like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and more. 
  • Each user account has access to an online storage space that contains their data, such as emails and files. 
  • Each account can also have its calendars, contacts, and so on. Click here to learn more about users.

When you need to create a new user

  • Anytime a person in your company needs access to Google Workspace services, you create a user for them

User creation effects on billing

  • The cost of your Google Workspace is based on the number of users you have.

How to create a Google Workspace user step-by-step with images

Step 1

How To Add User Accounts To Google Workspace - Step 1

To create a new user account, go to the Admin console https://admin.google.com and under Users, click Add a user.

(Before you ask, yes, some of our users are cats. We taught them how to use Google Workspace with Workspace123)

Step 2

How To Add User Accounts To Google Workspace - Step 2
  • Fill in the mandatory primary details: First name, Last name, and Primary email address that the user will use to sign in to the account.

  • Optionally, add a Secondary email and Phone number.

  • Click Manage user’s password, organizational unit, and profile photo.

Step 3

How To Add User Accounts To Google Workspace - Step 3
  • Optionally, click the Organizational unit option to add the user to a specific OU. If you’re not familiar with OUs, click here.

  • If you want to add a profile picture, you must first make sure the Photo option in this setting is enabled. Then click UPLOAD PROFILE PHOTO to add one.

  • Under Password, you have two options – you can leave it on Automatically generate a password if you don’t want to set the password yourself. Alternatively, select Create password and type the password yourself.

  • To force a password change when the user logs in, leave the Ask user to change their password when they sign in box checked.

  • Click ADD NEW USER.

Step 4

How To Add User Accounts To Google Workspace - Step 4

Done! If necessary, you can click the eye icon to the right of the hidden password to see it. You can also click COPY PASSWORD to copy it automatically.

​Next, you may want to send sign-in instructions to the user’s current email address so they can learn how to sign in to their account. Click PREVIEW AND SEND.

Step 5

How To Add User Accounts To Google Workspace - Step 5

Type their email address. Check the Send copy to myself box if you’d like to receive a copy, and click SEND.

Note that there is no option to resend this email if the recipient doesn’t receive it. The only way to resend it is to delete the user and recreate it or forward the copy you emailed to yourself.

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