How to Investigate Device Activity With the Google Workspace Devices Audit Log

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

You need Google Workspace Business Standard and up or G Suite Business and up to use this feature. This log shows you activities on computers and Android/iOS devices used with Google Workspace accounts in your organization.

You must have Mobile Management set to Advanced and devices need to sync with Android sync or iOS sync.

What is the Mobile Devices Audit Log feature in Google Workspace

  • The Devices audit log lets you review activities on all devices here.

When to use the Mobile Devices Audit Log

  • When you want to investigate any mobile device activity.

Mobile Devices Audit Log data availability and retention

  • After an action is performed, the log updates and reflects it quite fast, almost in real-time, but can take up to 1-3 days.
  • In very rare cases, events may not be reported at all.
  • The log only shows data from the last 180 days.
  • Data older than 180 days gets permanently removed from the log.

How to use the Mobile Devices Audit Log step-by-step with images

Step 1

How to Use the Google Workspace Devices Audit Log - Step 1

Go to the Admin console and in the menu on the left, click Devices > Mobile & endpoints > Audits.

Step 2

How to Use the Google Workspace Devices Audit Log - Step

Configuring the Mobile Devices Audit Log to show what you need

By default, you will see all devices-related actions sorted chronologically from newest to oldest, under Device ID, Event Description, etc.

You can narrow down the scope of the filter to find something specific by clicking the Add a filter option on the left.

Step 3

Clicking Add a filter lets you only display events related to the type of thing you want to find. 

  • Event name – the type of event you are looking for, such as Device Sync, Device Settings Change, Device Compromise, and more.
  • User name – the name or email address of the user who acted on a device
  • Device ID – the unique identifier of the device
  • Serial number – the serial number of the device
  • Device model – the model of the device
  • Device type – the type of device
  • OS version – the version of the device’s operating system

Step 4

How to Use the Google Workspace Admin Audit Log - Step 4

There are more filters on the top right.

Clicking the Organizational unit filter allows you to only view events related to users in a specific OU.

Step 5

How to Use the Google Workspace Admin Audit Log - Step 5

Clicking the Group filter on the top right allows you to only view events related to users in specific Google Groups that you have set as filtering groups. To set a group as a filtering group, you can click the Filtering groups link.

Step 6

How to Use the Google Workspace Admin Audit Log - Step 6

The Date range filter lets you display events that occurred in a specific time frame. Again, please note that it’s impossible to go further than the last 6 months.

Step 7

How to Use the Google Workspace Admin Audit Log - Step 7

The gear icon Manage columns on the right lets you add or remove columns that show info in the report.

Step 8

You can also rearrange them by clicking and holding the left mouse button on the left of the column name and dragging it up or down.

Step 9

How to Use the Google Workspace Admin Audit Log - Step 9

Exporting Mobile Devices Audit Log data

The Download icon is for exporting data from the audit log.

Step 10

How to Use the Google Workspace Admin Audit Log - Step 10

You can export to a Google Sheets file or a .csv file, and you can export All columns or only the Currently selected columns.

Unless you prefer or need .csv for a specific reason, you should select Google Sheets.

Step 11

How to Use the Google Workspace Admin Audit Log - Step 11

When the export is ready, you’ll be able to see it under the Tasks icon on the top right. Click Open in Google Sheets to view the report in a spreadsheet.

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