How to Merge Different Google Workspace Accounts Into a Single Account

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

When to consider merging Google Workspace accounts

  • When you have two or more domains that exist in separate Google Workspace accounts, and you’d like to manage them in one place

How long does it take to merge Google Workspace accounts

  • Merging separate Google Workspace accounts takes some time and preparation, depending on how many users are involved.
  • Generally speaking, migrating data between user accounts takes the longest. Several factors are in play, such as the number of users you’re migrating and the number and size of items being migrated. You may also consider the source server’s performance, the network’s data transfer rate, and any latency between Google and the source server.

Steps to take before you merge separate Google Workspace accounts

  • Since you need to delete one Google Workspace account to move its domain and users to the other, it’s best to export all data from the account you will delete.
  • Decide when to start the migration by picking a time when Google Workspace will have the least possible usage.
  • Let all users involved in the migration know that they will be switching to new accounts soon so that they can prepare. For example, they may want to export data from apps connected to their account or link them to another email.

How to merge separate Google Workspace accounts into one account with multiple domains: a step-by-step guide

Merging separate Google Workspace accounts takes some time and preparation.

Let’s say you have:

Account A with domain A
Account B with domain B

You want to merge those into a single account, so in the end, you’ll only have Account A, with domains A and B.

  1. Export a list of users from Account B
  2. Use the list to create the same users on Account A
    (At first, you create them under domain A. Once you are done migrating data, you rename them in step 6)
  3. Migrate data from Account B to Account A:
    1. To migrate emails, use the Data migration service.
    2. To migrate Drive files: have each user manually upload their previously exported files and folders to their new account.
    3. To migrate calendars: have each user manually upload the previously exported events to their new account.
    4. To migrate contacts: have each user manually upload their previously exported contacts to their new account.
  4. Cancel Account B
  5. Add Domain B to Account A
  6. Change the newly created users’ primary emails on domain A to be under domain B

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