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What you will learn about each Google application



Gmail Interface

This beginner-friendly walkthrough will teach you everything you need to know to work with Gmail.

You will:

  • Learn how to access Gmail quickly and make it your default email application
  • See how to compose emails in Gmail – format text, add attachments, links, images, and more
  • Enable Gmail smart compose features, create an email signature, etc.
  • Learn how to use email sending features in Gmail, such as scheduling sending, using the confidential mode, adding more email addresses for sending, creating email templates, undoing sending, requesting read receipts, and more
  • See how to manage the emails in your Gmail mailbox – delete or restore emails, archive, mute, snooze, forward, mark as read or unread, mark as spam or not spam, and more.
  • Learn how to search and find emails in Gmail quickly using the search bar
  • Learn how to sort your Gmail inbox with inbox tabs, multiple inboxes, stars, and group emails together with the conversation view setting
  • Get introduced to the concept of labels and see how to create, manage them, and use them to sort emails in Gmail
  • Get introduced to filters and see how to create them to automate specific actions in Gmail
  • See how to block or unblock senders
  • See how to customize your Gmail interface to make it look, feel, and work the way you want
  • Configure general Gmail settings, such as mail delegation, automatic forwarding, out-of-office reply, desktop notifications, POP and IMAP, Gmail offline, and more
  • Learn how to export your Gmail emails
  • Learn how to import emails from other accounts and services to Gmail
  • Enable or disable and use other integrated Google services – Meet and Chat
Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive Interface

This training contains all you need to know about Google Drive’s features and settings – we cover every single option.

You will:

  • Start with the basics and learn how to add, remove, and restore deleted content in Google Drive
  • See how to create Google Docs, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, and other documents
  • See how to convert Microsoft Office files to Google files and images or .pdfs to Google Docs
  • Learn how to manage the files and folders in your Google Drive – rename them, make copies, download, preview, view or revert to previous versions, and more
  • See how to share Google Drive content with others, control sharing permissions, unshare, transfer ownership, view items others have shared with you, and more.
  • Become familiar with Google Drive’s interface and customize it to your liking
  • Learn how to sort your files, create folders, move items, create workspaces, enable quick access, and more
  • See what to do when files and folders go missing
  • Learn how to use the search bar to find content quickly and easily
  • Get introduced to shared drives and see how to create and manage settings and members
  • Look at other settings and options, such as enabling notifications, offline access, and add-ons
Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Interface

This training will show you how to use Google Calendar to organize events and stay on top of tasks.

You will:

  • Start by learning the difference between a primary and a secondary calendar in Google Calendar
  • See how to create, share, and manage calendars
  • Find out how to add or unsubscribe from other people’s calendars
  • Learn how to gain access to company resources and interesting calendars
  • Learn how to book company resources for your events
  • Get introduced to the different types of events you can create in Google Calendar
  • See how to create an event and configure all of its details, such as location, visibility settings, notifications, description, attachments, invite and email guests, add a Google Meet link, and more
  • Become familiar with Google Calendar’s interface and see how to customize it to your liking
  • Configure general Google Calendar settings such as your language, time zone, event behavior, add your working hours and location, enable and use Google Calendar offline, enable keyboard shortcuts, and more
  • See how to apply settings to specific calendars, configure their access permissions, invitation behavior, notifications, and more
Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet Interface

Google Meet is a popular video call service which allows people to meet online. This training will teach you how to use Google Meet in no time.

You will:

  • Get started by learning how to start a new Google Meet meeting right now
  • See how to create a meeting for later, or schedule one in advance with a Google Calendar event
  • View and share a meeting’s joining information
  • Learn how to join a Google Meet meeting
  • See how to set up a meeting’s host management controls to restrict what others can do
  • Add participants to a meeting
  • Mute or remove participants
  • Enable meeting settings such as captions, breakout rooms, start a poll or Q&A, and more
  • Record a meeting
  • Share your screen with other participants during a meeting
  • Send chat messages during a meeting
  • Change a meeting’s layout, view meetings in full-screen mode
  • Enable or disable your microphone or camera
  • Change your microphone, camera, or speakers
  • Troubleshoot Google Meet and view network connectivity information
Google Chat

Google Chat

Google Chat Interface

Being a chat service, Google Chat isn’t challenging to learn at all. Still, you may discover some things in this complete step-by-step guide.

You will:

  • Get started by seeing how to configure settings such as your chat status, notifications, smart reply, and more
  • See how to send a direct message to someone and start a one-to-one conversation
  • See how to accept a request to start a conversation
  • Find out what options you have during a one-to-one chat, such as enabling or disabling the chat history, notifications, going full-screen or minimizing, adding or removing bots, and more
  • Learn how to create a new group chat called a chat space
  • See how to find, join or leave chat spaces
  • See how to add members and bots to chat spaces
  • Learn about your options in a chat space, such as changing its name and emoji icon, adding or removing people and bots, enabling or disabling the chat history, notifications, etc.
  • Look at all other options you have during chats, such as formatting messages, deleting or editing messages you sent, reacting to messages, uploading files, and more
Google Contacts

Google Contacts

Google Contacts Interface

Google Contacts is another awesome service you can learn how to use very quickly, and we will ensure you do so.

You will:

  • Get to know and customize the Google Contacts interface
  • See how to create, edit, show, hide or delete contacts
  • Learn how to undo recent changes in Google Contacts
  • Find specific contacts quickly by searching
  • Learn how to sort your contacts into groups with the labels feature
  • See how to grant someone else access to your Google Contacts
  • Learn how to export or import contacts
  • Find out how to merge duplicate contacts
Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep Interface

Here is yet another simple but super useful service from Google. We will help you learn how to use Google Keep in no time.

You will:

  • See how to create, copy, archive, unarchive or delete Google Keep notes
  • Learn how to share Google Keep notes with other people
  • Learn how to add reminders for notes
  • Find out how to pin or unpin important notes
  • See how to add lists, images, and drawings to notes
  • Rearrange your notes and change their colors
  • Sort your Google Keep notes with labels
  • Search and find specific notes quickly
  • Customize Google Keep’s user interface
  • Configure general settings for notes, lists, reminders, sharing, and more
Google Sites

Google Sites

Google Sites Interface

Finally, we will show you how to create and manage sites with Google Sites.

Don’t worry; you don’t need any experience with web development, and you barely need any technical expertise. Google Sites is user-friendly and very easy to use.

You will:

  • Learn how to create, copy, rename, delete, or restore deleted sites
  • See how to add, copy or delete pages and subpages to your Google Sites website
  • Make your site private while you are editing it
  • Add collaborators and configure their access permissions
  • Set the homepage of your site
  • Change a page’s web address
  • Manage your site’s navigation menu
  • Configure your site’s interface
  • Change your site’s theme, colors, and font style
  • Add a favicon and site logo
  • Learn how Google Sites structures your content with sections and layouts
  • See how to undo or redo actions while editing your site
  • Add a header to the top of a page
  • Add a table of contents to a page
  • Add any content – text, images, buttons, Google Drive files, YouTube videos, Google Calendars, maps, documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations
  • Insert HTML code or embed content from another web page
  • Review previous versions of your site and go back if needed
  • Preview how your site looks on different devices
  • Hide your website from search engines like Google
  • Learn how to connect Google Analytics to your Google Sites website
  • See how to transfer ownership of a site to another account
  • See how to make your site public and specify its web address or connect it to your domain

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