How to Control How a Google Group Treats Spam Messages

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

How Google Groups handles spam

  • On top of Gmail’s default spam filters, groups also have their own highly aggressive spam filters.
  • They sometimes end up treating legitimate emails as spam.

Recommended Google group spam handling settings

  • To avoid missing legitimate, important messages, we usually recommend disabling the spam filters completely, or at least notifying moderators when a spam message arrives.
  • This way, the group’s spam filters are disabled, but users still have their default Gmail spam filters applied, which are good enough anyway.

How to control a Google group’s built-in spam filters step-by-step with images

Step 1

How To Control How A Google Group Treats Spam Messages - Step 1

Go to Groups at https://groups.google.com and find the group in one of the directories listed on the left: My groups, Recent groups, All groups, or Favorite groups. Then click the three dots icon to the right and select Group settings.

Step 2

How To Control How A Google Group Treats Spam Messages - Step 2

Click the current option under Spam message handling.

How To Control How A Google Group Treats Spam Messages - Step 2

Spam handling options

  • Reject all messages marked as spam – Immediately reject spam emails. There is a possibility that legitimate messages might be marked as spam and rejected. (not recommended)
  • Moderate and notify content moderators – Send spam emails to the moderation queue and notify moderators (recommended)
  • Moderate without notifying content moderators – Send spam emails to the moderation queue, but do not notify moderators (not recommended)
  • Post suspicious messages to the group – Skip the moderation queue and post to the group (recommended)

Step 3

How To Control How A Google Group Treats Spam Messages - Step 3

Click Save changes at the bottom.

How To Enable Moderation Of Posts To A Google Group - Step 3

Posts pending moderation go to the Conversations > Pending page, accessible from the group settings menu on the bottom left. Moderators can view pending posts and approve or reject them before they make it to the group.

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