How to Add or Invite People to Join a Google Group Using the Google Groups UI

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

You can invite people to join your group or add them directly without asking first.

What are group members

  • You can add any email address to a group and make it a member.
  • Group members can use groups for different purposes, depending on how you set up the group.
  • The main thing members do is post and read group posts.
  • Group owners can allow or disable posting and reading group posts per member or per group.
  • Group owners and managers can moderate group settings and posts to achieve a specific purpose.

How to add group members in Google Groups step-by-step with images

Step 1

Go to Groups at and find the group in one of the directories listed on the left: My groups, Recent groups, All groups, or Favorite groups. Then click the three dots icon to the right and select Group settings.

Step 2

In the menu on the bottom left, select Members.

Step 3

Click the Add members button on top.

Step 4

Choose members’ group role

You can add people as Members, Managers, or Owners. 

  • Owners have complete control over the group and can even remove other owners or delete it.
  • Managers can do anything an owner can do, except delete the group, change an owner’s role or make another member an owner.
  • Members are regular users of the group who can’t change any settings, add or remove members, etc. – their permissions for specific group actions are flexible. Managers or owners can adjust them.

Choose members’ email subscription

Additionally, you can set up their Subscription:

  • Each email – users will get an email for every post to the group.
  • Digest – users will receive up to 25 posts combined into a single daily email notification.
  • Abridged – users will receive up to 150 posts combined into a single daily email notification.
  • No email – users will not receive emails – they will only be able to view group posts at

If you want to add people without sending an invite, the Directly add members button should be blue and switched to the right. It’s good to type something in the Welcome message field – this will be included in an email notification telling people that they have been added to the group.

Step 5

Invite members

Optionally, switch off the Directly add members button and write an Invitation message to invite people to join your group without and give them to option to choose whether they want to join or not.

You can add multiple members at once by typing their email addresses with a comma and a space like this – [email protected], [email protected], etc.

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