How to Add a Bot to a Chat in Google Chat

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Chat users

What are Google Chat bots

  • You can message chat bots to connect to other services by sending messages in Chat, allowing you to look up information and do other tasks.

How can you message Google Chat bots

  • You can add a chat bot to a one-to-one chat conversation so that both you and the other person can have it do things for you via chat commands.
  • You can also add bots to chat spaces or send them direct messages.
  • If you use Google Chat with a personal Google account, you can’t message bots.

How to add a Google Chat bot to a one-to-one chat conversation step-by-step with images

Step 1

How To Add A Bot To A Chat In Google Chat - Step 1

In Google Chat,while chatting with someone full-screen, click their name on top of the chat. Then select Add bots.

If you have minimized the chat, click the three dots icon on its top right and select Add bots.

Step 2

How To Add A Bot To A Chat In Google Chat - Step 2

Type something in the Enter name of bot field.

Step 3

How To Add A Bot To A Chat In Google Chat - Step 3

You will get suggestions of available bots right away.

Step 4

How To Add A Bot To A Chat In Google Chat - Step 4

After you click on a bot, click the Add button to add it to the chat.

Step 5

How To Add A Bot To A Chat In Google Chat - Step 5

Done, you added the bot as a chat participant. It sends an introductory help message with some helpful links that let you know what it’s for and where you can learn more about it.

You can now use specific commands to do things. You don’t have to remember the commands – just enter a forward slash / and a list of commands and bots you can add will appear.

Only you can see the / commands you use. The bot’s responses are visible in the chat.

To display the help message again, type @botname help, where botname is the bot’s name.

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