How to Forward Specific Emails Automatically in Gmail

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Gmail users

Before you can start setting up auto-forwarding in Gmail

How to auto-forward specific Gmail emails step-by-step with images

Follow these steps to set up forwarding that only forwards specific emails you receive to someone else.

Step 1

How To Forward Specific Emails Automatically In Gmail - Step 1

Open Gmail and click the Settings gear icon in the top right.

Step 2

How To Forward Specific Emails Automatically In Gmail - Step 2

Select See all settings.

Step 3

How To Forward Specific Emails Automatically In Gmail - Step 3

On top, click Filters and Blocked Addresses.

Step 4

How To Forward Specific Emails Automatically In Gmail - Step 4

Click the Create new filter button.

Step 5

How To Forward Specific Emails Automatically In Gmail - Step 5

Specify what emails you want to auto-forward

First, you have to set up the filter’s scope so that it only matches the emails you want to forward. Your filter will only work on whatever you specify here.

  • ​From: lets you specify sending email addresses.
  • To: lets you specify receiving email addresses.​
  • Use the Subject field to look for something in the subject.
  • Has the words: looks for content in the email.
  • Doesn’t have: excludes emails with specific content from the search.
  • Size lets you search for emails of a specific size.
  • Check Has attachment to only look for emails with attachments.

In this example, we only want to forward emails sent to our
[email protected] email address, so we put it in the To field. 

We only want to forward support-related emails, so we put the word “Support” in the Has the words field.

Click Create filter at the bottom to go to the next step, or click Search to see what existing emails in your mailbox fall within the scope of your filter.

Step 6

How To Forward Specific Emails Automatically In Gmail - Step 6

Select who you want to forward to

Check the Forward it to box and select who you want to forward emails to.

If you haven’t done it already, you need to add them as a forwarding address – click here for a step-by-step guide.

Optionally, you can check other boxes to add more features to the filter.

Click Create filter when you’re ready.

Step 7

How To Forward Specific Emails Automatically In Gmail - Step 7

The new forwarding filter appears in the list of Filters in your Gmail settings.

Click edit on the right if you want to update it, or click delete to remove it.

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