The Ultimate Gmail Help Guide:
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Gmail Training

The ultimate guide to using Gmail: a quick introduction

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Gmail!

Learning how to use Gmail and set it up to work exactly as you need has never been simpler.

What you will learn during the Gmail training

This beginner-friendly walkthrough includes everything you need to know to work with Gmail.

You will become familiar with every single option available to you when sending emails, sorting your mailbox, adding filters, customizing the interface, and configuring general and advanced settings.

Learn how to use Gmail to compose, format, and send emails

We start this training by showing you how to compose emails – you will see how to format text, add attachments, links, and more.

We will also explore any settings related to sending, such as Gmail smart compose, creating a signature and adding another email address to send mail from. We will also show you how to schedule sending for later, create email templates, use confidential mode, etc.

See how to manage and sort your inbox

Next, we’ll look at any actions you can take in Gmail, such as marking as read or unread, archiving, marking as spam, forwarding, etc.

We’ll also ensure you know how to sort your emails by helping you configure any related Gmail settings and showing you how to create and manage labels.

Customize Gmail's web user interface to make it perfect for you

Gmail is a flexible application, and its settings allow you to personalize it to the limit. Any setup you can think of is possible.

We will cover every single interface customization feature to help you genuinely make Gmail your own.

Configure general settings, import or export emails from your account, and more

Finally, we will look at all other settings, such as uploading a profile picture, enabling notifications, setting up an out-of-office reply, delegating access to your mailbox, etc.

We will show you how to export your emails from Gmail and import emails from other accounts to Gmail.

You will also see how to use the integrated Google Meet to start a meeting from Gmail, and explore other features such as Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Who should do this training

Maybe you are wondering if this training is right for you or if it’s worth doing. You absolutely should do it if:

  • You have a free Google account and want to learn how to use Gmail.
  • You are a Google Workspace customer (user or administrator) and want to learn Gmail.
  • You already have experience with Gmail but need help finding out how to do specific things or would like to learn more and see some tips.


For you to do this training, you should:

  • It’s best to have basic knowledge of some entry-level IT concepts but don’t worry if you don’t.
  • We try to make everything as simple as possible and even avoid technical terms so that the content is accessible to anyone in the world, even complete beginners. 
  • You should have an active Google Workspace account or a free Gmail account to follow the steps as you go through the training. Click here for assistance with getting started with Google Workspace.

How the training works

We help you do things step-by-step with images accompanying the instructions for each action you need to take. Say hi to easy-to-follow directions that you can follow at your own pace! You couldn’t get lost if you wanted to, even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

The training is flexible by design, and there is no fixed way to do it. It is up to you to use it as you see fit.

  • You can go through every article in this training one by one, like a course, and become a total Gmail master.
  • You can also skip anything that you don’t really need at this time and come back later.
  • You can use this guide as your personal online assistant, and go back to it anytime you need help with your daily Gmail tasks.

How long the training takes to complete

  • How much time you need depends entirely on what you want from the training, but generally, it won’t take long to complete.
  • The content is super easy to go through, and you can choose to skip anything that is not beneficial for you at the moment.

Gmail help: Table of contents

We divided the Gmail training into different sections. Each section covers specific related topics.

Let’s describe each section quickly to get an idea of what you can expect to find in this training.

How to access the Gmail help pages quickly

  • To quickly access a specific part of the training, open the site and use the navigation menu on top.
  • Start from Google Apps Help, then Gmail, and then select a section you are interested in.

Is Workspace123 affiliated with Google?

No, we are not affiliated with Google. However, we absolutely love their services. It is quite literally true that we know Google Workspace better than the palms of our hands.

We are proud to say that we have been in the business of supporting Google Workspace administrators and end-users with every conceivable task for almost a decade.

We have assisted a wide range of organizations of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to enormous organizations employing tens of thousands of people.

How is this Gmail training better than other help and support options?

This question should rather be, “How isn’t it better?”.

  • It is a cheaper product (completely free) and often more effective than hiring someone to help.
  • It is easier to follow and understand than Google’s Help Center, YouTube video content, or any other resource you can find.
  • It is easier, faster, and usually more effective than contacting Google Workspace support or any live person. You don’t need to wait in a queue, talk or chat with anyone, wait for them to reply, or deal with someone inexperienced.
  • On the other hand, we are there for you at any time, and it only takes seconds to find what you need and get things done.

Workspace123 provides the smartest, quickest, most user-friendly, and by far the most enjoyable way to get help with Google Workspace.

We put together all you may need to know thoughtfully, with your convenience as the top priority. You get maximum results with minimum effort.

Soon, we will start building a new help community around this, and everyone is welcome!

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