How to Sign Up for a New Google Workspace Account

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for those about to become Google Workspace administrators

Signing up for Google Workspace is easy, and you get a 14-day free trial to try it out. This tutorial shows you how to sign up with a domain you already own.

Before you sign up, choose your Google Workspace edition

Common questions about signing up for Google Workspace

What is Google Workspace used for?

Can I get Google Workspace for free?

  • You can get it free only if you register an account for an educational or nonprofit institution that meets specific requirements. Click the type of institution for more info.

How long is the trial period?

How to sign up for Google Workspace with your domain step-by-step with images

Step 1

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 1

To start, click this link:

Then type your business name and specify the number of people who will need an account with their own email, chat, calendar, cloud storage, and other services. You can update both later.

Then select your country. Please note that you can’t update the country easily, so choose carefully.

Step 2

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 2

Type your first and last name and a current email address you have. It will act as a backup in case you forget your Google Workspace username or password.

Click NEXT.

Step 3

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 3

If you already own a domain, choose YES, I HAVE ONE I CAN USE.

If you don’t have a domain yet, you can purchase it from any hosting company you like or click the link ‘NO, I NEED ONE’ to buy one from a Google partner hosting company. If you choose this option, you will pay for the domain through your Google Workspace account. A domain typically costs around $12 per year.

If you clicked NO, I NEED ONE, click here to continue with the right tutorial. When you open it, continue from step 4. We’ll only cover the YES, I HAVE ONE I CAN USE option in this tutorial. If you choose this, continue with the next step below.

Step 4

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 4

Type your domain name and click NEXT. Don’t type www in front.

Step 5

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 5

Confirm by clicking NEXT.

Step 6

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 6

Click OK if you want your users to receive emails with tips, offers, and announcements from Google. Note that we offer training, tips, and everything else your users might need right here, on Workspace123 – completely free!

Step 7

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 7

Choose your Google Workspace admin email and password. This is going to your primary account where you will manage everything.

Check the I’m not a robot box. Then click AGREE AND CONTINUE.

Step 8

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 8

Select your payment plan. Note that you may not have the option to choose the Annual Plan, as it’s no longer available in many countries. Even if it is available, you don’t get any discount for being on it these days. Click NEXT.

Step 9

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 9

Review and continue.

Step 10

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 10

Enter your business information. You can update it later if needed.

Step 11

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 11

Enter your credit card details and click NEXT.

Step 12

Sign Up For Google Workspace - Image 12

Click NEXT to continue to the initial account setup. Click here to continue this walkthrough.

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