How to Verify Your Domain Ownership in Google Workspace

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

If you just signed up for Google Workspace, you must do the initial setup next. This starts with verifying that you are the owner of the domain you used to sign up.

Why do I need to verify that I own my domain?

  • You need to verify your domain to protect it. Without this step, anyone would be able to sign up for Google Workspace with your domain.

What you must know before you start verifying your domain ownership

You need to be able to access and update your domain’s DNS records

  • To verify that you own your domain, you must add DNS records to your domain’s settings at your host.
  • We will add an article that explains how you can figure out who your hosting company is soon. Assuming it’s the company that sold you the domain is a safe bet until then.

Sometimes it can take longer for the verification process to complete

  • Updating your domain’s DNS records usually works fast, but it can take time in some cases, depending on your hosting provider. In the worst case, it can take up to 24 hours.

How to verify your domain ownership in Google Workspace step-by-step with images

If you closed the setup page or can’t find it, click this link to start: 

Step 1

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 1

If you just signed up, you will see this screen right away, which explains the initial setup.

Before you can start using Google Workspace, you need to prove that you own your domain. This is the first step.

Click Next.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 2

The second step is to create user accounts for other people you work with. We walk you through it here. You will also be able to do it at any time after the initial setup.

Click Next.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 3

The third step is to enable email delivery to Gmail if you wish to receive emails there.

You can’t skip the domain verification, but you can skip activating Gmail if you already have another email service and would like to keep receiving emails there.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 4

Google does guide you through it, but we will make it even easier. Click Finish.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 5

To begin, click PROTECT to the right of the first step.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 6


How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 7

To start, you need to know where to update your domain’s DNS settings. You do this at your DNS host’s website.

The DNS host is usually your domain host, but if you have purchased web hosting from another company, it may be your web host.

Google will try to identify the right host and give you a link to sign in to their website. If you are not sure that Google is right, click here to identify the DNS host yourself.

Once you know who your DNS host is, log in to your account on their website.

Next, find the page where you can add DNS records. Go to Google Search and type “Add TXT record –your DNS host’s name here–”

For example, if your DNS host is SiteGround, you can search for “Add TXT record SiteGround.” Google will bring up an article with step-by-step instructions on adding DNS or TXT records.

Open the article and follow the steps. Once you find the DNS management page, click NEXT: GO TO STEP 2.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 8

Click the text under TXT Value to copy it. This is your verification code.

Next, you need to add this verification code as a new TXT record on your DNS host’s website.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 9

The DNS management page on SiteGround is at under DOMAIN > DNS Zone Editor.

Then under Create New Record, you click TXT, enter the verification code you copied into the Value field, and click CREATE.

The steps are similar for all hosts. If you are with another host, follow the instructions on the page you found on Google or contact their support team for assistance.

Make sure to save your settings after adding the TXT record.

Keep the DNS management page open in your browser. You will need it for the third part of the initial setup – activating Gmail.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 8

To finish the process, back on the Google Admin page, click VERIFY DOMAIN. You may have to wait a few minutes.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 10

If you get an error, this may be because it can take up to 24 hours for your host to propagate the record. You should verify that you have added the TXT record correctly:

Go to Type your domain in the Name field, then click the TXT button.

The TXT record should appear below, showing the verification code you copied from the Google Admin page. If you see it here, you are good to go. Just wait and Google will verify you. If you don’t see the record here, this is due to one of two reasons:

1 – Your host needs more time to publish the record. You should wait and try to click VERIFY DOMAIN again later.
2 – You have two hosts and you created the record on the wrong host’s website. Double-check the identify your DNS host article or contact your host’s support team to clarify where your DNS is hosted.

How To Verify Your Domain In Google Workspace - Step 11

If you see this message, you are successful! Click CONTINUE to move on to the next part of the initial setup.

Click here to continue this tutorial.

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