How to Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account to a Higher-Tier Edition

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

When can I upgrade to another Google Workspace edition?

  • You can upgrade your Google Workspace account to a higher-tier subscription plan at any time.

Can I upgrade only some but not all of my users?

  • Upgrades apply to all users in your account. You can’t have some users on one edition and others on another one.

How long does it take to upgrade?

  • It may take up to 24 hours before you receive all benefits that come with the upgrade, such as increased storage.

How does the upgrade affect my account?

  • You will get more features, and the cost of your account will likely increase.
  • Your users’ access to services won’t be affected during the upgrade.

How to upgrade your Google Workspace account step-by-step with images

Step 1

How To Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account - Step 1

Go to the Admin console https://admin.google.com and click Billing.

Step 2

How To Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account - Step 2

Click Add or upgrade a subscription above the list of subscriptions.

Step 3

How To Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account - Step 3

Click the UPGRADE button under the higher-tier plan you want to activate in the Google Workspace category.

Step 4

How To Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account - Step 4

The page will show you some of the changes that come with switching to the edition you selected. At the bottom, click GET STARTED.

Step 5

How To Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account - Step 5

If possible, choose your Currency on top. Not all countries can choose between different currencies, so you may not see that option.

Also, you may see the option to choose between the Flexible plan and the Annual plan. As you’ll quickly notice, there is no upside to going on the Annual plan nowadays (or at least this is the case at the time of creating this tutorial – you should confirm this yourself) – the pricing remains the same, and you still get charged per month. The only difference is that with the Annual plan, you’re agreeing to keep using the services for an entire year, and if you cancel prematurely, you will face an unavoidable close-out fee.

Select Flexible plan and click CHECKOUT at the bottom.

Step 6

How To Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account - Step 6

On the Checkout page, click PLACE ORDER.

Step 7

How To Upgrade Your Google Workspace Account - Step 7

Done! Your account gets switched instantly. The pricing of the new edition kicks in from this point on.

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