How to Add Another Domain to Your Google Workspace Account

Quick and easy-to-follow guide for Google Workspace administrators

Things you should know before adding your new domain

There are two ways to add another domain to Google Workspace, and you should know which one is best for you before you start. Click here to learn about the differences between a domain alias and a secondary domain.

How to add another domain to Google Workspace step-by-step with images

Follow these steps to add another domain to your Google Workspace.

Step 1

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 1

Go to the Admin console https://admin.google.com and under Domains, click Add a domain.

If you don’t see this option, click the little arrow to the right of Domains.

Step 2

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 2

Type the domain name you want to add under Enter domain name.

Select the way you want your domain to function and then click ADD DOMAIN & START VERIFICATION.

This page doesn’t fully explain the differences, so make sure to check this article for a more detailed explanation.

Step 3

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 3

Verifying domain ownership

Now you need to verify that you own the domain by updating the domain’s settings at your hosting provider. Click CONTINUE.

Step 4

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 4

Copy the unique verification code, which starts with google-site-verification, displayed on top of the page. You can click COPY to copy it quickly.

Then go to your domain host’s website in another tab or window. Log in to your account there and find the section where you can add DNS records. You will add the verification code as a DNS record at your host.

If you’re not allowed to update the DNS info for your domain, or you can’t create a TXT record for some reason, you can consider clicking “Or choose another verification method” to select one of the other methods.

Step 5

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 5

Domain verification methods

The verification methods include adding a CNAME record, updating your site’s HTML code by adding a meta tag or adding an HTML file to your site’s folder structure at the hosting.

Note that the meta tag and HTML file methods will only work if your website is publicly accessible at the naked domain, such as domain.com, not www.domain.com. If your site redirects to a subdomain such as www, these methods won’t work.

If you’re not sure what to do based on the step-by-step instructions presented by Google on the Google Workspace page, these methods are not for you – they are for web developers.

We recommend the TXT record option because it’s the easiest and it works very well, so the steps below show you how to verify via TXT.

Here is a list of links to the most frequently used hosting providers’ pages that show you how to add records and contact support. (Coming soon)

If you don’t see your hosting in the list, go to Google Search and look for “add txt record -your domain host’s name here-” (for example: add txt record BestHosting.com), then follow your domain host’s guide on creating a TXT record. Contact the hosting’s support team if you can’t find a guide or the guide doesn’t help.

Step 6

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 6

Adding the verification code to your DNS records at your hosting provider to verify ownership

First, you need to find the page where we can see and add/remove DNS records. We’ll use GoDaddy for this example.

In GoDaddy, click the three dots under Manage to the right of the domain in the Domains list and select Manage DNS.

Step 7

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 7

This is the DNS Records list. Click the ADD button to create a new record.

Step 8

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 8

Choose the TXT record Type, set the Host to the @ sign. Paste the verification code you copied earlier and set the TTL to anything – it doesn’t matter what. Click Save.

Step 9

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 9

Now that the verification code has been added as a TXT DNS record click the VERIFY MY DOMAIN button back at the Google Workspace Admin page. Google will check for the record. Keep the page open while this goes on, as it may take a while in some cases.

Follow the next step below to check and confirm if you created the TXT record successfully.

Step 10

How To Add A Domain To Your Google Workspace Account - Step 10

Double-check that you have added the DNS record successfully

After adding the record, if the verification doesn’t complete in a few minutes, go to the Google Workspace Toolbox https://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/dig/#TXT to check if your record is OK.

​Open the link and under Name, type in your domain and click on TXT. You should see the TXT record displayed after VALUE, just like in the image above.

​If you don’t see it in up to a couple of minutes, the verification will likely fail, so you should contact your hosting’s support team and check if the TXT record is OK.

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