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If you are a Google Workspace admin or user, you can get help here completely free, with no sign-up required.

Our help resources are perfect for organizations and businesses of any size, from one-person startups to large enterprises. 


(You can even get help if you are using Google’s work apps with a personal Google account.)


More specifically, you can use this site for:

Help with Google Workspace services

Google Workspace Apps Help Resources

It is fully possible for you to learn how to use Google’s business app suite in no time.


Just follow this step-by-step training and you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be.


You will be taking full advantage of every awesome feature that Google Workspace has to offer before you know it.


You may ask if these resources are all you need?

Yes, if you are:

  • Currently a Google Workspace user or administrator;
  • Looking to start using Google Workspace and get to know its features and what it can do;
  • Someone that helps others with Google Workspace;


Then you can get help with the Google Workspace services at any time.


Click here to see more details about our Google apps help resources or click any of the apps below to get started right now.

Help with Google Workspace administration

Google Workspace Administration Help Resources

Learn how to be a Google Workspace admin with this step-by-step training for every aspect of the admin experience.


Get any Google Workspace admin task or question done fast and easy.


Regardless of what you need help with and your current technical experience, you can follow these steps to succeed.


Click here to see more details about our Google Workspace admin help resources or click any of the categories below to get started right now.

The Best Google Workspace Help Site

At Workspace123, we do our best to help you with your Google Workspace training and everyday work

Workspace123 provides the smartest, quickest, most user-friendly, and by far the most enjoyable way to get help with Google Workspace. 


  • We put together all you may need to know thoughtfully, with your convenience as the top priority. 
  • We designed the site so that it is easy to find whatever you need fast. 
  • Our articles include images that accompany every action you need to take. You can see the step-by-step instructions.
  • Say hello to clear directions that you can follow at your own pace. You could not get lost even if you wanted to! 
  • You can become a total pro and learn everything from A to Z with our walkthroughs covering every aspect of Google Workspace.
  • It does not matter how experienced or tech-savvy you are. We make technical and service-specific terms easy to understand, reduce them as much as possible, and still include all you need to know.
  •  These resources are here for you at any time, and it only takes seconds to find what you need and get things done.
  • Are you still feeling skeptical? Just pick any option from the navigation menu.

About us

We are proud to say that we have been in the business of helping Google Workspace administrators and end-users with every conceivable task for almost a decade.

We support Google Workspace like no one else. It is quite literally true that we know Google’s services better than the palms of our hands.

We have assisted a wide range of organizations of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to enormous organizations employing tens of thousands of people.

As time went by, many of you kept letting us know that it would be nice to learn how to use Google Workspace by yourself.

We worked very hard to make this happen. The result is that anyone, regardless of technical experience, can now get things done quickly and easily on their own.

About Our Team
Frequently Answered Questions Section

Frequently answered questions (FAQ)

This site is for you if you are a Google Workspace admin or user, need help and would enjoy the best possible way to get it.

We help you and your team use Google Workspace and its cloud services: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Sites, Google Contacts, and Google Keep.

It does not matter how experienced you are. We make technical and service-specific terms easy to grasp, cut them out as much as possible, and still include all you need to know.

Even if you already have some experience, you will find it just as valuable as complete beginners. If you need help, this is the place to be.

Gone are the days when you had to reach out to anyone or waste time with confusing instructions to get started and learn how to use Google Workspace.

This site is your personal virtual Google Workspace support and training assistant.

You can find out how to do anything and troubleshoot any issue in no time. Even the most complex tasks become a breeze.

Yes, this site is entirely free, and you do not even need to sign up to use it.

You must know that it is only possible for our content to be free because we partner with advertisers with whom we have a paid relationship.

We may receive a commission when you click on a sponsored link or make a purchase through such links. We do not encourage you to click links or buy services to express your gratitude. You should only do it if it benefits you.

We carefully positioned all sponsored links so that they do not distract you from your goal, which is to get help with Google Workspace. Still, you will get special offers that you can take advantage of on top of that. It is a win-win for everyone involved!

You can go through linear course-like training, which allows you to skip through any parts that you're not interested in at the moment.

Workspace123 is also just a great personal virtual assistant pretty much available anytime to help with anything.

You can use it as a knowledge base and quickly find the answers to specific questions.

We also provide information about services that improve Google Workspace significantly and help you keep track of updates and new features.

  • It is cheaper (completely free) and often more effective than hiring someone to help
  • It is easier to follow and understand than any other help resource because you see images and can follow at your own pace.
  • It is easier, faster, and usually more effective than contacting anyone - when you want to know something you can just look it up here.

No, we are not affiliated with Google. However, we love their services, and we have been providing support for Google Workspace for a long time.

We can not have the best Google Workspace help site in the world if anything is missing.

Click here to contact us, and we will do our best to add any missing content as soon as possible.

Possibly, yes. We reach a vast audience, so you can contact us if you have a product or service that may appeal to Google Workspace users.

We will be happy to learn more about what you offer. If we believe that all parties involved may benefit from running your ads, we will likely be doing business with you.

You can contact us by email at [email protected].

Desktop computers and laptops are the primarily supported devices for now. You can also open the site on mobile, but it is just not as good because of all the images.

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